Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Silfra

Silfra is protected by the Thingvellir National Park laws, which only allow snorkellers and divers to enter the water with a local guide, provided by select companies, such as offer daily tours to Silfra, with additional evening tours available daily from May to September. The all-inclusive tours commence with pick-up in Reykjavik, but it is also possible to meet in the national park with your own transport, and provide you with a thermal undersuit, drysuit and either snorkel or diving equipment as well as being accompanied by a fully certified guide at all times.

The dive and snorkel follows a set route that allows you the chance to see all the main sections of Silfra. The route takes between 35 and 45mins depending on the speed of the group and is a truly enjoyable experience. The temperature of the water does require all participants to wear a drysuit, which does add a different dimension, especially to diving its a good idea to read up on drysuit diving before you go to give you a bit of extra information, although the guides will explain everything you need to know for first time drysuit users.

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